Calling all local businesses – WEM needs your support

Bristol-based education charity Ablaze Bristol is calling for companies across the South West to invest in the development of secondary school pupils to avoid the next generation of candidates lacking the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. Read the Bristol Post article here   Sally Melvin, CEO of Ablaze Bristol, said: “The unprecedented…

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Bath Bridge: Developing our future leaders in Bath and North East Somerset

Bath Bridge, an Ablaze/WEM partner, delivers an impressive Future Talent programme, developing future leaders in Bath and North East Somerset. Below is more information with contact details at the end. “Great effort on the programme so far. I have got lots out of it and have been working on putting my reflections into practice. Your guests…

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Herman Miller and Kingsbury Green Academy’s VWEM partnership

The January lockdown put a pause on the start of our 2021 partnerships but Catherine Young, Careers Lead at Kingsbury Green Academy, remained undeterred, and shifted the programme to be delivered to her Year 9 students at home. Their business partner Herman Miller also rose to the challenge with Alex Hemns, Senior HR and Talent…

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Mentoring Benefits – 5 Ways of Wellbeing

How does mentoring help organisations reach the 5 Ways of Wellbeing ? Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish. The centre for well-being at nef (the new economics foundation) developed ‘five ways to wellbeing’: a set of evidence-based actions to…

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What makes a great mentoring match ?

Jamie Forrest, Careers Lead at Beechen Cliff School told us “all students went in and started the process disengaged and with low self-esteem. The students were the type of students that would get into trouble too much and were under achieving.  When they started the programme on the first session, it took a little while…

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WEM business mentors and mentees

Why do mentors mentor?

We asked one of our brilliant mentors at Bristol law firm Irwin Mitchell to give us the lowdown. Here’s how the conversation went! Why did you offer to mentor in the first place ?  It’s very important to encourage and lead those who are more junior and younger than ourselves. I have personally benefitted from…

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West of England Mentoring students video

Our mentees say it best

Special thanks to Bristol creatives BoomSatsuma for supporting West of England Mentoring – magicking up a brilliant short video of recent participants which gives an amazing flavour of the impact of mentoring. It’s especially inspiring that the programme hasn’t just benefited the school students, though they are more than articulate about how it has. Mentors…

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A business mentor working in school

West of England Mentoring

This project is getting underway during 2017 and we’re already talking to secondary schools and businesses in the West of England region: Bristol, North Somerset, South Glos and Bath & NE Somerset. Business mentoring projects will kick off in earnest in September 2017. What is it? West of England Mentoring (WEM) is a partnership of…

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