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How to Use Lockdown to Build Your CV

Writing your first CV can be a daunting, confusing process. You may be thinking I’ve got no work experience? or I don’t know what I want to do yet? Don’t worry, you can still write a great CV.

One of our mentors from RPC, Amy Taylor, has recorded a brief video to help you do this. Have a look at what she suggests here:

Activity: Figure Out Your Skills – skills are abilities that are developed through life and work experiences. If you’re not sure what your skills are then your first step is to identify them. Figuring out your skills will help you decide what sort of job you might like, what areas you may need to improve through further study or training, and help you write your CV. Click here to figure out your skills in three steps.

What is a CV?

Basically, it is an introduction to, well, you! As it is a big first step to getting a job you need to show not only what you have done, but what you can do. You may also need to have a CV to apply for work experience or voluntary work.

Why do you need a CV?

 A CV introduces you to a potential future employer telling them what you’re good at, what you’re interested in doing and what you’ve achieved so far. It is a really useful document to hand out at career fairs, and essential when applying for a job online. Ideally it will show employers that you’re a good match for their job, and if they like what they read then they may invite you for an interview. Click here to see seven reasons why you need a CV:

Building your skills, knowledge, and experience during lockdown

This current situation gives you a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself further while you have the flexibility and time to do this. Volunteering will help build your knowledge about the world of work, as well as develop your skills. There are lots of volunteering opportunities available currently – a search on facebook and your local community websites will provide lots of leads. Think how you can expand your knowledge too – there are a huge amount of free online courses, videos, podcasts, career talks and other resources now available. This can be a little overwhelming but think what you like doing and what you would like to know more about and search online for opportunities to develop yourself further.

Further online support

CareerPilot is a free online resource which has a whole range of career tools to help support you with your future career path including career journey videos, quizzes, skills tests and activities – click here

Success at School is also a great free resource offering CV writing tips, templates, as well as lots of career advice – click here  

Click My First CV for further tips on what to include and an example template showing how to lay it out.

Thanks Amy from RPC for all these great tips!

WEM has compiled a list of useful online links to help you further with your career journey – click here