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Great results from our Bristol schools


Fifteen Year 8 students from Oasis Brislington have completed 6 sessions with their mentors from Ovo Energy. This is what the students told us in their evaluation survey when their sessions came to end :-

100% students felt more confident about themselves and their abilities

100% of students felt they had improved at taking part in discussions

100% of students felt they had learned about careers and what skills they needed for work

92% of students reported that they now had a plan for post GCSE’s

One student said :-
“We get to talk on a professional level and get really good personal stories and (hear) how they (the mentors) have accomplished their personal goals and got the job they wanted and how they got there”

Ina Goldberg, Assistant Headteacher told us “ I have seen a shift in some of the student’s confidence. I have had conversations with all of the students and they now seem to have a clear idea of what they want to do when they are older. We feel this has been a great opportunity for the students and they have gained massively from this opportunity”