“My time at WEM has taught me one critical thing. The positive impact a 10 minute conversation can have on a young adult’s early career path…the career development skills offered to students…strengthens their understanding, nurtures their confidence and broadens their career horizon.“

Sam Oliver, WEM Mentor Lead, Rolls Royce (2020)

“I would really recommend working with Ceri Bowers to bring an amazing mentoring programme to your school…results have shown an increase in students’ confidence, aspirations and academic motivation. Such a worthwhile experience for so many of our students…delighted to see students gaining confidence to network and aspire high in this virtual world.”

Catherine Young, Careers Leader, Kingsbury Green Academy (2021, in partnership with Herman Miller)

“I think they were the best mentors they could have offered us”

Jai, Student, Kingsbury Green Academy (2021, in partnership with Herman Miller)

“WEM really engaged Hayesfield WIN students and they benefitted from visiting Nationwide Building Society. They built a really strong rapport with their mentors and their confidence soared. Students confirmed that they had learnt a lot about different careers, skills employers like and it has helped with their future career journey.”

Mrs N Turner, Hayesfield Girls’ School Staff, WIN Higher Education Adviser (2020)

“The mentoring sessions with Ecosurety have been amazing and an extremely valuable experience for our Year 8 students. Every session was carefully prepared by the team and delivered in such a way that the students really looked forward to going back each time. It has been an experience that the students will not forget.”

Sherie Humphreys, Business relationships & careers co-ordinator, Patchway Secondary School (2019)

“It was apparent that the students gained a great deal just from visiting our office and interacting with us. Their feedback at the end confirmed that all the issues we explored had certainly sunk in, including all the small bits of advice that can make a big difference to their journey into the future.”

Luke Hutchison, Head of HR at Ecosurety (2019)