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What makes a great mentoring match ?

Jamie Forrest, Careers Lead at Beechen Cliff School told us “all students went in and started the process disengaged and with low self-esteem. The students were the type of students that would get into trouble too much and were under achieving.  When they started the programme on the first session, it took a little while to settle in, however they really liked the light-hearted approach, the fun activities and the inspiring speaker.

It was really positive and great for them to go to Novia Financial’s office and then to the meeting room at Apex Hotel, it was a treat for them and also as the company had dress down day and the students also dressed down – they felt as one.

Overall all as a result of the group mentoring the students behaviour has improved, detentions have decreased and are less frequent. Their manners and respect for staff has improved. Staff at school have seen a big improvement in the student’s self-esteem and confidence also.

I would recommend the West of England Mentoring programme to any school and we look forward to taking part again next year”

What did the students say about the mentoring ?

“When I first started I wasn’t really sure about my future. After a few sessions The Novia mentors made me realise that I was very privileged to be a part of this program as I have learned a great deal for example: inspiring role models, all the different job markets, what an employers looks for when you apply for a job, how important teamwork is and most of all how to deal with stress and pressure. I would like for other people to experience this programme and hopefully get as much out of it as I did. I feel a lot more confident discussing my future career prospects and I am very grateful to the Novia employees I had the pleasure of working with”.